3 Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Small Home Office Space

There are certain things that you can do to make sure that you are using each square foot of your office wisely. If you find that you are tight on space in your home office, there are some renovations that you can make to really use the space wisely. This article will discuss 3 of these renovations. 

Have A Book Shelf Built Into The Wall

If you have several books that you need to store in your office, you can save a lot of space by building a book shelf into your actual wall. The shelves and frame of the book shelf will be nailed into your wall, and can come in whatever color or style of wood that you would like. You can have as many shelves installed on the book shelf as will fit on the wall. This will allow you to store a large amount of books while virtually taking up no space in your office. 

Build A Desk With A Hutch

If you have several pieces of electronic equipment that you use in your office, such as a scanner, copier, printer, fax machine, etc., then you are likely going to want a place to store these items right by your computer. To do this without taking up too much space, you can have a desk with a hutch created. The hutch will go on top of the desk, and can house all of these pieces of equipment. You can have the hutch custom made to fit the measurements of each piece of equipment perfectly, and you can have holes drilled in the back for the cords to easily go through. The bottom portion of the desk top and drawers will be used to house your computer, desk calendar, and other important work documents.

Scan Important Files Onto Your Computer 

If you have several documents that you need to keep, but don't have room for, then you can go ahead and scan all of these documents onto your computer. You can then save them in an easy to find file. This will not only make these documents easy to access, but it will also allow you to store all of the actual paper documents in another room because you will not need them regularly. This will free up space for you to add some other important items to your office like a comfortable computer chair, a floor mat, and a lamp for added lighting.

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