Is Your Deck Too Hot To Enjoy? Add Shade

Sometimes, on particularly bright and warm days, the one thing keeping a deck from being as relaxing and comfortable as you would like is a lack of shade. Here are a few options for adding some much-needed shade to your deck area.

Use an Awning

There are various types of awnings. They're good for adding shade to a deck when it's a little too hot and bright outside. Finding the right awning can represent a challenge depending on the location of your deck, its structure, and the kind of awning you want.

For example, a retractable awning can require a professional to install, and may require a little carpentry work on the area you plan to hang it from. This becomes an even larger issue if you have a freestanding deck. Also, if you have a large deck, it's possible that an awning won't cover it completely.

Use a Pergola

A pergola (when it's larger), or arbor (when it's smaller), is an overhead latticework of beams made of wood or other materials. Pergolas offer only a limited amount of shade because the latticework is typically wide.

What they lack in shade covering they make up for with an infinite amount of creative options for filling in those gaps, solidifying the shade, and beautifying the deck. People usually like to use creeping plants with them, but you can do whatever you please.

Use Plants and Trees

Growing or hanging plants around the deck is a great way to add some greenery while also providing shade. You can add trees, but if you want to plant them yourself, you should look for fast-growing trees. If you combine plants with other shading methods, such as the previously mentioned pergola, you can create something that has both form and function.

Experiment with Other Methods

This is not an exhaustive list; there are many other ways to shade a deck. You may want to search around and experiment with a few different options to see which suits you best. As you can see, adding shade is only one thing that you can accomplish by adding a feature to your deck.

Of course, if you do not have a deck yet, or plan to renovate your existing one, keep shade in mind. Knowing that you will want shade will help you choose a proper design and location for your deck. Talk with a professional from a company like Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd to get more ideas for building and covering your deck.