Gussy Up Your Gutters With Some Springtime Maintenance

Your home's gutters have a big task, which is to guide water away from the structure of your house and prevent moisture damage. This means that if there are sagging or leaking segments, the gutters won't be able to do their job properly. Take some tips to make sure your gutters are gussied-up and ready for the spring runoff, and to prevent staining, leaking, and damage to your home:

Give them a good cleaning. Cleaning your gutters gives you the opportunity to remove debris, dirt, and trash that could become embedded in the troughs during winter. Use a snake to remove stubborn pieces from the segments, and use a high-pressure hose to remove dirt and other debris. A little bit of mild dishwashing detergent is all that you need to clean away grime.

Keep an eye out for leaks. When hosing down your home's gutters, keep an eye out for where the water escapes the gutter troughs. If you find it is coming down around segments, you may have a loose or leaking trough. Another way to gauge if your gutters leak is to pour a bucket of water down from the highest point of the system and watch for where it goes.

Secure lose segments properly. When replacing or repairing a segment of your existing gutter system, be sure to use the same holes that the segment was originally attached to the system with. This will reduce the chance of a leak later on. Use caulking or epoxy around the holes after securing with screws to further prevent the chance of a leak.

Protect your gutters with guards. Gutter guards make maintaining the gutter system much easier by preventing leaves, trash, and debris from being able to get caught in the troughs. This makes cleaning simpler and prevents the damage that a heavy, dirty trough can potentially pose. There are different styles of guards available, some you may be able to install yourself, and a few that will be visually cohesive with the looks of your home's exteriors.

Use common sense around the home's gutters. Take care of your home's gutters and use common sense in terms of what you should not do to the troughs. For instance, never prop a ladder or construction staging on or near the gutter system. The gutters are not meant to take this added weight and will likely come loose or become damaged by the pressure of the ladder and the individual standing on the ladder.

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