How To Spruce Up The Cabin In The Woods You Inherited From Your Hermit Uncle

If you had an old uncle that lived like a hermit in a cabin in the woods and you've inherited it, you might be wondering what to do with it. Well, don't immediately write it off as something you need to sell. While you might not be a big fan of the cabin in its current condition, you can certainly fix that up really quickly. Here are some things you can do to fix up the cabin and make it a cool vacation spot.

Bring In Propane Tanks To Replace That Potbelly Stove

If your uncle liked to heat with firewood, then he probably had one of those old-fashioned potbelly stoves. They're perfect for a hermit who lives in the woods. They can collect their wood from the forest, and break up kindling and heat their space. However, if you are not someone who likes cutting down trees and burning logs for warmth, then you can have forced air installed and use propane as fuel. The reason you want to use propane is that you can pick up the tanks and bring them with you to the cabin in your truck. Many oil or gas companies won't travel out to cabins where there are noting but dirt roads, so propane is the way to go. If you're only using the place as a vacation spot, you don't need to even get huge tanks, so it won't be a chore to load them into your truck when it comes time to bring them into town for a refill.

Clear The Land For An Outdoor Picnic Area

You might want to have a party in the woods, something a hermit probably would be aghast at, but nevertheless it's something to consider. The main thing you will want to do is clear the land. This will create a space for a picnic table, a fire pit, a volleyball net, and lots of other fun stuff. This can be a big job, so you should look to a land clearing professional at a company like Global Fabrication Inc to tackle the job. They will come in and clear all the brush. A cool idea is to have the brush mulched so that you can use the mulch for paths or in your border garden. The big trees will be cut and hauled away. Some people like to keep some of the trees for firewood, but if you are installing propane, you won't need to keep all the logs. Maybe just keep a few logs on hand and stack them near the old (no longer in use) potbelly stove, as an homage to the hermit's way of life.